Young Arts

The Arts Society has, since its inception, been a strong and keen supporter of local arts projects that foster an appreciation of the arts by young people.  Our vision is to enrich the experience of young people in Truro by supporting and sponsoring  a number of local Young Arts projects, which supported by grants, provide local schools and colleges with exciting new opportunities to learn and explore different creative arts and media, often from local artists and experts living and working in Cornwall.  Young Arts projects build a lasting knowledge and enthusiasm for the creative arts among the young, and create the basis for a life-long interest in the arts

For further information about any of our Young Arts projects, click on the name of the project, or please contact

Working to participate in the Arts Society/RBA Rising Stars is a year-round process. However, November is the time when a Young Arts representative can begin to get a bit fidgety - no, it's nothing to do with the weather or reduced daylight! No, it's the time when Young Arts representatives up and down the country await news as to which student artists have been selected for inclusion in the following year's Rising Stars exhibition. In mid-November, those societies who have taken part in Rising Stars receive an e-mail from HQ.

In Truro' s case I am pleased to tell you that we were notified that works by two Truro young artists - Taro Bean and Ella Williams - had been selected to go forward into Rising Stars 2020. So, once again Truro and Cornwall continue to make an appearance at this most prestigious annual arts event which is really good news for all concerned.

To put the news in context, the total number of works submitted this year was over 200, and the standard was exceptionally high - so what an achievement it is to be selected and exhibited at the Royal Over-Seas League and The Mall Galleries.

                                                                         (Kevin Boyle, Young Arts)