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We are an art appreciation and conservation society affiliated to The Arts Society an international Society with over 98,000 members worldwide. 

We have regular lectures about a wide variety of the arts, music, and design subjects, given by outstanding experts who are carefully chosen by The Arts Society.  We also hold Discovery Days on subjects of special interest, organise visits and tours, and do conservation work in the Royal Cornwall Museum.

We feel keenly about young people being involved in art, in all its forms, and give support to local schools and colleges, who have a rich heritage of successfully developing Cornish students’ involvement in art.

Above all, we aim to have fun and learn at the same time!  We are a small and friendly Society and welcome new members at any time; we also enjoy meeting those who can only join us from time to time.

We hope you will enjoy looking through our activities, and that you will join us one day soon – we look forward to seeing you.

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NEIL FAULKNER Wednesday 12 February 2020

On the basis of sensational new evidence from archaeological fieldwork, Neil will contrast the legend of Lawrence of Arabia with the true story of what happened in the famous desert war of 1916 to 1918.  Was Lawrence, as some claim, a liar and a charlatan? Or was he, in fact, a brilliant military commander and a sincere advocate of the Arab national cause?
‘Lawrence of Arabia’ is an early 20th century instance of celebrity culture. Neil will analyse the invention and re-invention of the legend from 1919 onwards through memoirs, photos, films, paintings, biographies and paintings, and  will offer a new assessment of Lawrence’s role and achievements and of the relationship between art and reality in the creation of ‘celebrity’.

Venue: Kenwyn Theatre at Truro College  7pm start, Refreshments from 6pm

Discover rare and interesting objects, places and people in the South West

A new book from The Arts Society is the fourth in a series celebrating 50 years of The Arts Society.  
The South West corner of the UK is renowned for its beautiful landscape, and its cultural heritage. 
This new book is special in that it shares the unknown nooks and crannies of the South West  - our hidden treasures! 
Chosen by members of the Arts Society, the treasures range from ancient monuments, to interiors of special buildings, to art as part of the landscape.

The book is £5.00 and you can purchase it at one of our lectures. 
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